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Nirit Ben David is a specialist in Chinese medicine, a licensed Shiatsu Masseuse and Acupuncturist who promotes wellness and healing of the body, mind, and spirit through her rejuvenating services on Isla Mujeres.

Having studied and practiced Chinese Medicine in Israel for seven years and in Isla Mujeres, Mexico since 2010, Nirit utilizes the healing powers of acupuncture and the restorative Shiatsu massage techniques to promote the body's natural ability to heal.

Nirit named her practice ROOTS because her healing techniques address the very core or “root” of an ailment and not just the symptoms.

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Treat a variety of conditions or maintain and balance your body, release tension and relax!

Nirit speaks Hebrew, English, and Spanish.

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Tel: (+52) 998 105 5610

Kind Words from Roots Clinic Clients

  • Amazing Massage by a beautiful spirit! 6 Stars worthy!

    A visit for a shiatsu massage and acupuncture, hands down, this was the BEST place on the island. Skip all the others and just start here! She is amazing at this and it will exceed all expectations.

    Master of relaxation and healing!

    If you are looking for true relaxation and healing - go see Nirit! She is amazing! She will utilize any and all of her skills (shiatsu, acupuncture, reiki, cupping, etc) to make you feel better.

    A wonderful caring professional in paradise

    I go several times a year to Isla Mujeres and always visit Nirit when I am there. She has helped me with several issues requiring shiatsu or acupuncture or both. Sleep issues, shoulder muscle issues and general aging stiffness of joints...I have them all and Nirit has dealt with them effectively.

  • Absolutely the BEST person I have ever been treated by...

    After years of massage, chiropractic and acupuncture elsewhere , Nirit finally got to the root of my issues and I feel so fortunate to have my days pain free. My husband has also gone to Roots Clinic and has had great results! I say a private thank you of appreciation to her every day.......I am already looking forward to going every week next winter while on the island for 4 months...

    Roots Clinic

    I went to Nirit for a problem with my lower back and got shiatsu and acupuncture. After the treatment I was pain free. Wish I would have discovered Niriti a long time ago she is the best. Always does a great job. I would go even if I didn't have a problem with pain because the shiatsu is better than any other massage I have ever had. It so relaxing

  • Healing hands

    Nirit is absolutely amazing! My shoulder and neck were so sore I was in a lot of pain and had difficulties to move. She did cupping and acupuncture and a few days later everything was back to normal and the pain was gone. Thanks again!!!

    Problems with my neck no more

    I was in an accident and hurt my neck pretty bad, seen Dr after Dr. Tried different medications nothing helped my pain. My father suggest I tried acupuncture with Nirit he said she is the best. He was not kidding for the first time in years I can play sports, I look both ways when crossing the street. Nirit is a miracle worker. Magic hands! Thank you Nirit for giving me my life back!!!

  • Pain relief

    I first visited the clinic in January. Friends on the island recommended Nirit (owner). I have chronic neck, back and knee pain from years of sports and lifting weights. I need to take Motrin every night and Excedrin migraine every morning. I had 2 treatments of massage, acupuncture and cupping. After the first treatment all the pain was reduced. After the second treatment the pain gone. I no longer needed the pain meds. I returned home to the USA a believer. The neck pain and back pain returned after a month. I tried to find a similar treatment in the US but couldn't find anything close to Nirit. My wife and I just returned to Isla for a week. I again had two treatments and feel great. BTW my knee pain never returned. Now I just need to find a way to get to Roots every few months!

    Miracle worker!

    I went in for some sinus issues and Nirit was able to clear my sinuses instantly with acupuncture! She has so much knowledge and the results are amazing!

  • Nirit worked her magic on my aching back

    A few months ago, I moved awkwardly and felt a zing in my lower back (I have had back problems off and on for years). Later I developed spasms, some of which quite literally almost brought me to my knees. And could only walk very gingerly. I tried various exercises, but nothing was solving the problem.

    We learned about Nirit and Roots Clinic from an acquaintance and scheduled an appointment for me. Nirit suggested a half hour of massage and a half hour of acupuncture. After the first session, the spasms disappeared, and I could resume normal activity (eventually including jogging and body-weight workouts).

    Then last week, I scheduled a "tune-up" for Nirit again. This time, my wife was also experiencing discomfort in her lower back. So she scheduled the same regimen. Once again, my back loosened up. And my wife began to improve as well. Nirit is the consummate professional, and the clinic elicits a very calming environment for treatments.

  • Neck Pain Gone!!!

    I can’t thank Nirit for squeezing me in on Friday last minute before a wedding!!! I had a nagging neck issue that was running into my shoulder. After reading the reviews on trip advisor I decided to give Roots a shot. It was also my first experience doing acupuncture and cupping. Thank god for Nirit and Chinese medicine as my neck pain went away and I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. I highly recommend visiting Nirit!!!!!!!

    Nirit is magical!

    I can't say enough about this young lady. I threw my back out a week ago and could barely walk. I went to a chiropractor the next day and had an adjustment. I was able to walk straight after the adjustment but a few hours later it started tightening up again. Then two days later I had a therapeutic 90 minute massage. Great massage but it did nothing to help. Yesterday evening I had a shiatsu massage and acupuncture treatment from Nirit. I woke up today with no pain! Literally from crippled to perfect in 12 hours. I am truly stunned!